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Journalists need to stop abbreviating National Insurance as NI - I keep seeing headlines about this or that politician criticising or defending NI this or NI that and I skim read so I'm going "Fuck, we're not that bad! We've even stopped blowing shit up. Mostly." STOP IT, you're making your Northern Irish readers very confused!
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I have literally just realised that the music over the fabulous opening credits/promos for the BBC's Winter Olympic Coverage is the intro to Michael Bublé's version of Cry Me A River. I have no idea why this amuses me so much, but it really does.

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28 years ago today, my mum and dad said 'I do' :)


Now, here's one for you from the folder marked Whisky Tango Foxtrot.

In Tescos today dad and I were boggling at the antics of a little girl in stiletto heel boots (she can't have been any older than 7 - her feet! They'll be ruined!) and the mother that didn't seem too concerned about her behaviour. We passed them a couple of times. On the third, another little girl came haring past, nearly knocking things from shelves, with her mother behind bellowing out her name.


Stiletto-girl looks round, confused, her mum leans down. "Not you, Shania."



Everyone else has said everything that needs to be said about last night's rock-fest (including [ profile] madscot and [ profile] jamaisneutral - resistance is futile, ladies ;)) but I shall simply say 'pianist's fingers' and grin a lot :D
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I have eaten so much good food over the last two days that I may not need to eat again until the summer.

Right, people not from That Community may want to go make a cuppa for this bit. For the rest of you; Bored out of my SKULL with the telly and with nothing else better to do, thought I'd watch some old TG eps (It's research, I still owe [ profile] dracothelizard at least one of the crazy crackfics she's talked me into...) anyway, just got to the news bit in 03x03 (the one where they drown Hammond, and has the concept Jag that looks like a vodka bar...) where they're talking about that Nissan recall and I had a complete brainfart. Richard and James are no strangers to roleplay. The whole 'Yes, what is it Watkins?' exchange... Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw that...

Yes, I am wrong in the head - blame the brandy sauce.

Right, the rest of you can come back now. God, it's been a good couple of days. I'm clinging onto these moments - always waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know? Everything's been so quiet and good, and I just feel... content.

Not used to that, not at this time of year!



Oct. 6th, 2006 08:16 pm
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[ profile] characterhate is back, and guess what the very first post is…! ;)

Yes, hello, I'm back. Took time out to settle myself. Spent yesterday asleep, as it goes. Feeling a bit more human. Sorry for flaking out on you all.

Also, I have recently aquired Sims2, and it just EATS time...

*hugs to all*
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Can't breathe, laughing too much. Taped Top Gear while we were out, and dad and I just watched it... The van challenge was just so funny (up until Hammond nearly scrapped both his van and himself) we were laughing so much I think we woke mum...

Um yes, that was pointless. I'm tired. Time to try writing!
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Are all the bands from my salad days reforming? I ask because I was flicking channels when I happened to come across BBC Three's coverage of T in the Park, and stayed because I vaguely recognised the catchy drum n' guitar riff being belted out. Then the skinny, decidedly foppish lead singer of the band on stage jigged into view and I'm sitting there going 'you look fam... oh my god, it's Kula Shaker!'

Kula Shaker reformed and no-one told me?! How did I miss this? I played 'K' obsessively during my GCSEs - it and the John Peel show were the only things keeping me from murdering my Maths teacher! (Take That having broken up by this point... god my range of tastes is bizzare)

Now admittedly, this news probably won't be greeted with enthusisam by the segment of my flist (largely based in Manchester, but with offshoots in Other Places) that actually has musical cred (the first single I ever bought was the Rhumble, so I think I'm exempt from having taste), but to me this is genius... but then, I was brought up on my dad's vinyl collection, which largely consisted of Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show, Mozart's Horn Concertos (is it 's', or 'es'? I'm never sure), Tubular Bells (I actually have the whole album on my iPod as one file, I'm so used to hearing it in one piece), Showaddywaddy, Rod Stewart, Simon and Garfunkel and Tibetan Buddhist temple chants (no, I'm NOT making this up), so I think I'm the 'Shaker's ideal audience...
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I'm very chuffed - I ordered a print of this picture from the Deviant Art shop and it came really quickly - surprised how quick actually, since it was coming from the US - and the postage was really cheap. It looks fabulous, going to nip into town during the week when my money comes through and pick up a nice frame. They actually made a mistake and sent me two, but only one showed on the invoice and they only took the money for one from my paypal, so I emailed them and they said 'oops, we made a mistake, you can keep the duplicate for free'! Fast response too, I was very impressed.

Dad and I were in our favourite coffee place today, and were chatting as usual to the owner (a very nice man). He was saying that he had the police in yesterday as they were shutting up, just looking round and telling him to be careful and report any unattended packages. We said they must just be being ultra-cautious after London, (Though I doubt we have little to fear from Al-whatsits, as even people who live near the Ballymoney/Ballymena area have trouble finding it on a map, even with the help of a big arrow pasted right over it with flashing lights and a twelve foot sign that says 'Belfast is not all there is of NI, doofus!') and he nodded, then laughed and said that since we've been dealing with this shit for years we should be OK. That's the attitude - TEA DAMMIT! ;)
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Dad and I are off to see Batman Begins tonight - we booked the tickets on Saturday when we thought the weather was on the turn and now look! Nicest day so far and we're off to sit in a hot cinema! Ah well.

Lovely day sitting out on the back step reading and soaking up the sun - covered in suncream of course, because I burn and blister at the first sign of a weatherman in short sleeves!

Mmmm, sun makes me sleepy.
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I'm sitting in a public library writing teh gay porn slash fanfiction.

It's a rather nice juxtaposition. I'm using big words, I must be tired.

Dad's off doing something to the car, hence the library-ness. Forced stop due to engine cut-outtage. Nothing serious, just enough time to get dec off bring the whole sorry affair to a huge angsty end, leaving everyone suicidal write a bit.

Wonder what the well-to-do looking lady next to me (checked shirt and coiffured hair, country chic, answering her email on yahell by the looks of it, touch types faster than I can think) would say if she knew what I was writing?

The filth!

Young people today!

Would Ant really say that?

Oh god, the gay is everywhere, the pastor warned us!

Oooo, boysex!

...I should lay off that really dark chocolate that dad buys...

Speak of the devil... that didn't take long, better wrap this up while he's off washing off the oil...

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Remember the cousin whose computer I am always being called round to divest of spyware, diallers, trojans and such? I was round there today doing the usual (complete with the usual litany of 'don't open the email attachments!' and 'you have to UPDATE the anti-virus stuff, plus it helps to let it run, you don't click cancel when it pops up!') when they were just settling down for their daily three hours of soaps.

So they were arguing about Neighbours while I was doing my thing, and right at the end these two girls kiss. It was quite sweet, you know, very shy and stuff... And I'm sitting there thinking 'wow, Neighbours has come a long way since I last saw an ep!' when the three girls start making 'yuck' and vomiting sounds and booing. Did the parents tell them off? No. In fact the mother turns the channel looking very disgusted.


I'm guessing I got my genes from the tolerant side of the family, for which I can only be eternally grateful.

Still, one funny thing - the general rabble was still going as Coronation Street started, but in the adverts before there was a trailer for the new series of SNT - of course, my head perks up and M (the middle of the three girls, she's 10) shouts out, "Shut up, it's Ant and Dec, Joanne likes them!".

Hehe! I liked the trailer, right enough, the one where they're waiting for the show hotline to ring, very cute.

But I can't help thinking, does this mean it's ok for me to have a threesome with Ant and Dec... as long as I don't consider snogging any girls from Austrailian soaps? ;)
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TMF (MTV lite for those of us with freeview) had a two-hour special tonight - wall to wall spice girls and take that videos. Now, I'm no lover of the spiceies, but I was a huge TT fan, so I watched it for nostalgia's sake.


I grew out of Take That around about the same time I grew into slash, so I'd never watched their promo clips with a slashers eye, but now I have? Almost bloody killed me. I'm telling you, I had half a mind to clamber into the attic and pull down all my old TT videos. Only Takes a Minute? Never mind the pretty much superficial female they threw in there, that video was all about the gay subtext, and don't get me started on the fact that cutting the ladies out of the clean version of the already surreal video for Do What U Like only served to make it look like a five-piece gay orgy. With jelly. And leather. And I'd never thought about slashing them! Alright, I copied a slashy-ish chunk out of one of the books (think it was Take That in Private) about Mark and Robbie for someone on the RS-X list many moons ago and I think they got a story out of it, but it had never occured to me. Blimey, do I ever feel daft! :D

I guess going through my most impressionable years on a diet of Take That, AaD and Due South left a pretty discernable mark, eh? ;)
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Hello :)

So, I'm turning into a total social butterfly :) Tonight, there's a pub quiz in aid of the Malta in Ballymena - Dad and I are the useless trivia people, so if we can land up on the same team as a sport person, we're minted :D And today dad picked up the tickets I bought for the theatre next month. We're going to Coleraine to see a reworking of the nativity in the style of a Frank Capra movie. It sounds fun.

Next thurday is Jaqui day with a difference, and I'm already up to high doe. We're doing the train. *gulp* There are backups in place, in case we get there but can't face the train back - Melanie's going to hang on at the Mental Health unit so she can give us a lift back in if it all goes Pete Tong. *double gulp*

Big doll )

And finally: meme nicked from [ profile] madscot

My journal is called Slashy Avenger's Secret HQ. Um, the persona of the Slashy Avenger was born on the old and now deceased Ant and Dec Lovers' Club on Yahoo, and was the sidekick to Bondage Girl, the alter-ego of the head mod. There was a whole running gag about our less than super superhero adventures.

My subtitle is called Sometimes you just stand there, hip-deep in pie. It's a line from Sports Night. I think the exchange sums up life quite nicely:
Dan: Sometimes, standing there and taking all those pies to the face is good, something good happens. How did your day go?
Casey: Sometimes you just stand there, hip-deep in pie.
Also, I've had 'throw a custard pie' as my 'leave message' text for a while, and I thought it went well with it ;)

My Friends page is called the Rogues Gallery. Because I am mean and have no imagination :P

My username is Littlemoose. Moose was a favoured good-natured insult on the aforementioned Ant and Dec fan community and I am small. QED.

My Default User Pic is Stitch! No deep reason, it just made me laugh. I have a lot of user pics (mum bought me extra userpic space :D:D) I love making them and love coming across really cute or clever ones :)
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Jaqui day - can't sleep. Haven't been out with her for a while, because of the flu, so of course that knocked out my routine and makes it all a bit difficult again. Dammit.

I'm sorry my being about has been sporadic - here's the gen. First off, my pc died. (Incedentally, [ profile] madscot, really sorry about scaring the tripe out of OH *blush*. I thought you'd all be in bed and mobile off, for the getting of message in the morning...) Dad took it to this guy he knows in Galgorm who not only repairs em, but sells boxes he's put together. He offered us one at cost - plus fixing the old one! - so I'm on a new XP box. With CD-R drive! With decent hard drive! With DVD-Rom drive!! All well and good, but when we got it home, there was a problem with the graphics card, so it had to go back to him. Back and working now, thankfully. Mum's annexed the old one as part of her plans for world domination. Worms domination at any rate, as she's bloody addicted to them.

Then I got a little down again, and the trough seemed to last longer this time. I really couldn't be bothered about anything. That's passing, thankfully.

Has anyone else seen the cover of this week's TV Guide? Ant and Dec... I swear, the picture has 'we've just had wild, passionate sex!' all over it :D

I've just realised that I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what to buy my three-year-old godson for Christmas. What do small children do these days anyway? *g* I suppose it would be easier if we actually lived on the same island. *sigh* I really want to get to know him before he gets to that age where older relatives are weird and embarrasing... For me (being in the same boat as Callum where all my cousins were at least ten - eleven years older than me) that was at about eight... even the twins, who I idolised as a kid, started to be a bit peculiar around then. But then, Patricia had convinced me when I was about 4 that Boy George was actually a woman...

Well... I suppose there should be food in my immediate future. Possibly tea, a shower and a quick blast of The Sims as well ;) (I caved and installed the damndable thing and all the expansions I own on New Puter - I are so weak... but at least I can now save all the downloads to CD for the inevitable round of 'no! not playing this anymore *uninstalls* ... um, need sims! *re-installs*...' wash, rinse, repeat...)

ETA: Happy birthday Ant! *ties bow round self and posts to Australia*
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So today I dismantled the last remaning parts of my childhood. We cleared out the loft, and I finally found it in me to throw out the toys, comics, teeny magazines and other childhood remenants that were mouldering away up there. The books have gone to oxfam, the comics to the dump - they were too damp to do much with really - and everything else just went in the bin. Well, I did keep one old issue of Smash Hits from 1994, because it has an Ant and Dec pic that is begging to be scanned.

All the old toys went too. It's a shame really, because most of the dmage was incurred as a result of being stuck in the loft. So they've gone. Apart from my dolls house, which my grandad bought and painstakingly refurbished - seriously, he bought beautiful wallpaper offcuts for each room, stuck down pieces of carpet, and proper slate and brick paper for the outside, it still looks a treat. the day that gets thrown out is the day I'm not on the planet to stop it.

It was quite funny seeing my old Big Yellow Teapot again (an original too, not one of the late 80's re-issues!). It was one of my favourite toys as a preschooler. I think the teacup chairs were so cute, not to mention the sugarbowl car ;) The family were long gone though... I think they were reappropriated as pieces for a game or something.

I also found a folder of all the shit shit shit poetry I used to write as a teenager. Honestly, I was so emo I'm surprised no one ever dropped anything heavy on me. Mum refused to let me throw it out though, saying I'd thank her for it one day, so it got sealed up in a big polybag and it's going back up there, with a warning note attached that contents 'may induce nausia, and a need to seek out and maim the poet'.

Dad and I were just coming out of Tescos this evening when the first of the summer storms hit. Hot day, cool rain - gorgeous. It was fantastic, coming home through the steam and the rain, with the smell of hot, wet earth heavy around us and good music on the car radio. It was just one of those moments where everything is right.

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Mum and I went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night. Have to say, following other people's views of the film, online and off, I had mixed feelings about the whole thing, but on the whole, I enjoyed it.

The film: LJ cut due to minor spoilers )

I was going to go into a lot more detail about the cuts, fades and transitions, and how the passage of time was displayed - all of which impressed me greatly - but felt that I was getting far too immersed in media student geekiness! So, have today's last little bit of Potterania, courtesy of Ms [ profile] dracothelizard

Your Patronus is the Horse! The horse is a symbol
of physical and spiritual power and is also a
bearer of burdens. He is a powerful ally
against your enemies.

That your Patronus is a horse says that you are a
strong person--strong enough to bear others'
burdens when they become too much. Be careful
to consider yourself and you will be a terrific
witch or wizard.

What is Your Patronus? Version 1
brought to you by Quizilla
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Introspective three am thoughts... )

You may have noticed I do this sort of post every so often. I'm not looking for attention, or trying to shock (you'd have to be easily shocked, but that's beside the point...) I'm just clearing out my brain. I don't see the point of private posts - I've done too much hiding in my life - and my paper journal... isn't really a friendly place to think anymore, I can't explain it. Maybe I need a new one. The one I have... dates back to when I first got sick, thirteen or so, and some of the entries are so self pitying and pathetic that I frankly feel ashamed of having ever written them.

This is a friendly place to think.
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I've got a lot of conflicting thoughts rattling round my little noggin at the minute. Some of them I'm reluctant to put down, because I don't want anyone to worry about me (I'm ok, it's just the way my brain works sometimes), some of them, I don't even know how to articulate.

I'll have a go here, and see how I feel )
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Early morning. Achy fingers. Steel grey sky.

Thoughts of a better time.

Soft music. Cold toes. Tired but not tired.

Kaledoscope memories.

I wish, I wish, I wish...

Good morning world, it's nice to see you today :-)


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