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We got there half an hour late, because we'd been given the wrong time, but luckilly they were running half an hour behind schedule anyway. Everything waits for the order of malta!

Friday is the new acts day, but I reckon it should be re-christened 'completely insane acts' day, I've not laughed so much in ages - especially when one of the seemingly intense singer-songwriter with guitar types burst into what was essentially a 'three paddys' joke set to music!

My heart was stolen by Fola, who were on second to last - what a duo! (I bought their cd at the front of house sale :)) You have to love any band who start off writing a song about their vw campervan breaking down that evolves into the 'who gives a fuck remix' of eleanor rigby - 'There's nothing wrong with myrtle now she's dead'. Plus, I fell totally and hopelessly in love with Kate - what a voice, what a sense of humour, what a woman! What a pity she's shacked up with Andy, the other half of the duo! Fabulous fun though, even dad was bouncing.

So tonight starts the big headline concerts - even though I've not heard of anyone playing tonight, and I've only heard of Kieran Goss, who's plaing Sunday, because he's also playing at the writers' thing on Rathlin and doing a workshop there. So I'll be hearing him twice in as many weeks. He'd better be good!
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It's twenty to three in the morning. That sentence should be illegal. But it is, it is you know!

So, today:
I got Lilo and Stitch out again ^_^ Watch this film, people!!

Via the medium of scanning in an ancient (9 years old fact fans) disintigrating, fucking huge poster that is now hanging on the back of my door, I managed to convince Alex that at the age of 18 a certain Dec was a flesh and blood bishonen! *giggles* He's off to Turkey for a week (Alex, not Dec, do I look like his publicist?) what am I going to do for randomness while he's off catching sun?! I hope he'll be ok...

I crashed a bit. The hyperness side effects have worn off now. My blood pressure's still low though... I get dizzy every time I stand up, which is nice.

Mum was in a bad way. Her back's worse than ever, but she won't go to see the doctor.

Dad installed a new, quiet, extractor fan in the kitchen. This may not sound much of anything, but the kitchen is directly below my bedroom, and the old fan sounded like it had delousions of being a 747...

I decided to stand down as Cadet leader for our Malta Unit... I may find myself talked out of it by a desperate Ronan, who won't want to get landed with the job on top of being shit on from a great height in his role as duty officer, poor sausage. What's the point in trying to change things to benefit people when those people deliberately put every obstical they can in your way? Plus, I'm just a kid, and my ideas don't carry any weight. Or are worth listening to at all. I'm not playing their assault course anymore. I feel so sorry for Ronan, he really does get it from all sides. DC carrys on the way he's going and he could find himself with a unit of one. Two if you count his ego.

I was looking through jotters in a desperate attempt to find a poem I wanted to work on (finished it ^_^) and I got a real dunt when a letter from my Great Uncle Dave fell out of one. He died when I was 16, but from I was 9 or 10 he wrote to me once a month, or once every other month when things were busy on the farm. And I always replied straight away. Dad said when he was helping to clean out his flat after he died, they found a folder with all my letters in it, carefully spread out and put away. It's not even like they were much, just silly stories and jokes, the odd picture I drew for him. But knowing he kept them all... I've kept most of his letters too, in an old shoebox. I put that one with the rest. I wish I had them all. Funny little aside... the scissors I use, were ones dad brought from Dave's flat, and in all that time, they've never gone dull. Hmm :-)

I'm talking crap now... it's probably time to try sleeping again.
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I just want to hit certain people with something heavy.

Here's the thing, Aunt Lena's funeral's not until Friday, because her eldest daughter is coming from Austrailia, but she's being moved to the chapel tomorrow night. Mum can't get to the funeral on friday, so desperately wanted to go tomorrow for the service.

But Gerry Curran from the Malta rang (he's an idiot anyway, but this is dismal, even by his standards) there's a first aid class in Kilrea tomorrow night that he was supposed to take, but he can't because he's working. I doubt that, he knows his schedules a fortnight in advance, so why take the class on if he can't take it? More likely that he just doesn't want to do it, that's his M.O...

So, dad rang DC and asked him if he would do it, explained why he couldn't (taking mum to the service), and DC said...


He doesn't have anything on, nowhere he needs to be, nobody's sick, he's not babysitting Taylor... he just doesn't want to travel.

And it makes me sick, because the number of times dad has dropped everything at short notice to pull that man out of the shit... sometimes travelling hundreds of miles at a few hours notice.

I've seen him drop everything three days before Christmas to go to their house and mend wiring when a blown fuse caused serious havock.

I've seen him take vairous members of that family round the country when no other lifts were available.

I've seen him go out when his back is aching, when he's dragged himself out of bed to be somewhere because DC says there's no-one else available. He comes home and he's shattered, he can barely move sometimes - after one really bad duty it took him a full week to recover - and the one time (and it really IS the one time) dad asks the same of DC... he can't be arsed travelling 30-odd miles to take a wee two hour class in a warm hall.

And the man wonders why dad jacked in the OC's job.

It makes me so angry.
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Heehee... the snow is going... busses should be back on tomorrow... I dunno if this makes me happy or terrified... I'll go for the former ;)

Tonight's Malta meeting should be... interesting. Dad intends to announce he's standing down as Officer in charge. Now this isn't familial bias speaking, but the unit will fall apart without him... basically because no-one else has the time or inclination to put in the work needed. But they really have been taking the piss for the last while, leaving dad (and by default, me, but I don't mind) to do everything and it's just not right. Dad doesn't need the hassle. Rant over ;)

*heads off to play Earthbound (I'm nearly at the end!)*


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