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First up, the writings of a very funny person who says what most of us think while surfing Sure, mocking the deranged ramblings of Jack Chick is like shooting fish in a barrel, but at least in these hands, it's a very funny barrel. Check his tags for a few more! If those tickled your funnybone, there's more here, by a different, but equally funny person :) ([ profile] jamaisneutral, he's done the biz on your favourite one! ;))

If mocking the fundies is not your cup of warm beverage, may I suggest this? It's a cutup of an old sex-ed film and a home plumbing tutorial video (and a few other things). I had to clamp my hands over my mouth so I wouldn't wake mum and dad with my laughter!

I found it here, the website of an exhibition of artworks that have, for one reason or another, fallen foul of copyright laws and pissed off huge corporations.

I especially reccomend all the art in the visual art section and the film short State of the Union, which combines the two most horrifying things visited on television screens in the last few years - George W. and the Tellytubbies.

Finally, the cure for all life's woes, now in handy quicktime format!
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Oh, thank goodness, all gone.

At least I was able to get sensible uncle away from loony-tunes aunt for a bit to talk computers (he's found a cheap and good parts store nearby, he's going to email me the address).

And now, laughing at the fundies time!

I found a great compendium of shite scraped off fundie forums here. It's not updated anymore, but the archives are hillarious. For example:

"Did you know that all bulls are males? How can these bulls mate to have more bulls? It's your funeral evolutionists. Admit evolution is a pathetic fantasy created by scientists because they can't accept God."


[After being told 'they mate with cows, you idiot'] "Then, why don't the bulls that are born have some bull like features and cow spots? If a bull mates with a cow, wouldn't you get a female eventually? Evolution is dead water."

*double headdesk*

So yeah, feeling much more chipper - at least I know now I can get by without letting the more moronic elements of my family get to me... I just have to remember not to tar the other ones with the same brush (from the way sensible uncle was rolling his eyes at some of the shite that was being come out with today, it would appear I'm not in this boat alone!).
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Why is it I seem to gravitate toward fundimentalist 'christian' sites when I can't sleep? The inherent comedy, sure, but is there something else? Anyway, here's today's postcard from the edge: A Virtuous Woman.Org. The Virtuous Woman is, you guessed it, a stay-at-home mum, housekeeper, cook, gardener, entertainer - doormat. Just feast your eyes on this little gem:

"Do you have a servent's heart when it comes to your marriage? My mother has always been a good example of what a serving wife should be. She dotes over my father daily. She fixes him hot meals every night after she comes home from work and seems to tirelessly find ways to make his life easier. I think of her when I think of the kind of wife I want to be. I enjoy serving my husband. He is loving, works hard and appreciates a clean home and good food. In the time that we have been married I have found a deep source of contentment from serving him in the smallest ways."

It also seems that the Virtuous Woman can't spell. Servent? Or maybe that's federalist english... Akhmed? Princess? Bueller?

When we serve our husbands we begin to grow softer spirits, more loving hearts. When we serve our husbands our marriage is renewed and nurtured. When we serve our husbands what we are really doing is serving Jesus. We will be blessed in ways we can hardly imagine!

I feel sorry for people brainwashed like that. Sure, looking after our loved ones makes us better people, and being a caring person is another step on the road to being a good person, but it's give and take. The worst part is these women are conditioned into these roles based on the assumption that a book put together out of a millienium-long worldwide game of chinese whispers is all factually correct. It's always been my personal assumption that the contradictions and inconsistencies in the bible stem from... well, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, the wickedness of mankind. Lesser lights in the evolution of that book may have 'tweaked' a few things to suit themselves. It's pretty anti-women, all told (even though Jesus seemed to be a pretty equal-rights kind of guy.. hmm..). Which is interesting, cause aren't we told right back in Genesis that we were created in God's image... you know, like, all of us?

Ok... I have no idea where this rant came from... But hey, at least I now know the right way to wash dishes!


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